Sunday, November 7, 2010

精霊の守り人 (Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit)

Japanese version cover
Though I've never tried before, I'd like to attempt to write a book review of this Japanese-translated-to-English book, called Guardian of the Spirit, or Moribito. Well, here we go!

This story takes place in a land that resembles ancient Asia, where the natives, the Yakoo, and the immigrants that have taken over, the Yogo, live. The book's protagonist, Balsa, is a 30 year old female bodyguard-for-hire. She is well known to travelers and bandits alike for her breathtaking spear skills, and has lived most of her life side-by-side with death due to her career. This book starts out with Balsa jumping off a cliff to save a boy from plummeting to his death. When she brings the boy back, though, she finds out that he is, in fact, Chagum, the Emperor's second son! Balsa is escorted to the palace, and encounters Chagum's mother, who begs her to take Chagum and flee the capitol, where, according to her, Chagum's life is in danger. As Balsa travels with Chagum and fends off assassins, however, she starts to notice that a mystical, larger force is at their heels...

English version cover
 I loved all of the characters in this book, especially Balsa. She is strong, intelligent, strict, and at the same time kind. She was one of the few female protagonists that actually parred with any other male protagonists out there swinging their guns and swords. And it was nice to see Chagum grow from a spoiled, ignorant but intelligent boy to a caring, compassionate young man. The author's description of this foreign land was also very well done. Throughout the book, I felt like I was walking along side Balsa and Chagum, hearing the things they heard, smelling the things they smelled, feeling the things they feeled.

I would reccommend this book to fans of action, adventure, and fanatsy, in any combination. It was an amazing read, and I hope that more of this series will be translated for more people to read.

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  1. This book sounds really interesting and I thought you did a good job of setting the background without spoiling the reset of the book. I also liked how you included pictures of the cover pages. I think it would be interesting to read this book because it sounds exciting, but it would also be cool to see a story through another culture's eyes.