Sunday, October 17, 2010

Being a Host Family

Today, my family will be doing something we have never done before: being a host family.
However, I should also include the fact that this particular event is not so typical. First of all, we are only having the student for 3 days. I am guessing that this is not so normal, because I have regularly heard of host families having a foreign exchange student for more than 6 months. Second, the student we will be hosting is my mom’s former student. Not that my mom was some kind of professor; she used to teach Japanese as a tutor to some of the college kids who were interested while we lived in Canada. And third, the “student” coming to live with us isn’t a full-fledged student.
Some of you might be thinking, Okaaaay, how does that work? But really, it isn’t that complicated. The young lady coming to live with us actually lives in Japan right now, working as a high school English teacher while attending a university. And now she’s decided to travel abroad for a short while to study how things are in the US. The cool thing about her too is that she speaks 4 languages: English, Japanese, French, and Cantonese, and maybe a little Mandarin as well. She also has done a lot of volunteer work worldwide. I really look up to her, and I haven’t even met her yet!
I must say, I am eagerly awaiting tonight to meet her and listen to her stories.

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